A neuroma is a pinched nerve occurring at the ball of the foot. This pinched nerve can be located between the ends of two bones or between a ligament and the end of a bone. The base of the second and third or third and fourth toes is where a neuroma is most likely to occur. A dull or sharp pain in the ball of the foot is the most common symptom of a neuroma. Other symptoms include pain between the toes where the neuroma is located, tingling in your toes, numbness in your toes and the feeling that you are standing on a stone. You will most likely notice these symptoms after standing or walking for an extended period of time. A neuroma is caused generally by a tight fit or high-heeled shoes. The bones in the ball of the foot are squeezed together because of these shoes and result in pinched nerve.  Neuroma can also be caused bu repeated blows to the ball of the foot.

* Always consult a physician when encountering persistent pain, discomfort, inflammation or swelling. The information contained herein is for consumer education only and not intended for self diagnosis or treatment.